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The shipping industry is currently undergoing rapid regulatory changes while facing the pressures of digitization. It is certainly an interesting and exciting time for shipping innovation, but there are no doubts that this transition also poses huge risks and opportunities for long-standing shipbuilding companies. There are numerous reports today from regulatory bodies, class societies, and consultancies that share their predictions for the future of shipping.

How do they really square with the reality of the industry’s adaption? This series is an exploration of the interesting inflection point that the maritime industry is facing.

An Introduction

The existing ocean landscape is at a very interesting point today, not only because established maritime industries are facing a sustainability inflection point but also because of new emergent ocean-related sectors. …

Being stuck at home may not necessarily look as bleak as others would put it out to be. The internet is a wonder to get lost at, especially in a time when the institutions support taking on your relationship with your computer “up a notch”. Having too much time and having tons of resources online is a surprising reality in pandemic conditions — maybe, we can all do a better job of getting lost on the internet.

Here is a list of the cool lot of things you can explore during your quarantine:

Online Learning — Learn Whenever and from Wherever

1. Join the most-attended Yale Class which…

It’s a lazy Saturday morning and after a long week’s work, you feel like you’ve earned the privilege to mindlessly search through the news or the bits of information you picked up over the week. ‘Right I wanted to know more about Attribution Theory from this Medium article I read…or check more about the difference between Gradient Boosting and Neural Networks from this talk I went to’.

It’s this messy process of absorbing everything you encounter in the effort to ironically declutter the landfill of information you gathered this week. Next thing you know, you’re 30 tabs in. I thought…

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